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:~: Within your hands you now hold a small data-holocron. You frown slightly as you do not quite remember how you had gotten it. Suddenly it crackles to life, displaying an image of a tall, dark figure. His eyes are cast in shadow by the hood of his robe which hangs low over his bearded face. A strange sensation comes over you as a voice enters your mind, speaking in low, hushed tones:  :~:

“Our time of hiding is at an end. It is time to take the fight back to the Empire. Though this frail, false-hearted truce with the Sith remains, we can no longer afford to sit idle. While the Senate bides its time, the Sith continue to press their control over the populations who were once our brethren in freedom.  What the Republic asks of you will not be easy. Many of you will not return, but your sacrifice will endure forever. Seek us out. The time for REPRISAL has come."

:~: (OOC) Echoes of Reprisal is a role-play oriented player vs. player guild representing and defending the Republic and the ideals of the Jedi Order. We hold strong to the values and the teachings of the Light-side of the Force and seek to resist the growing darkness that is the Sith Empire. We know that we cannot do this alone. We shall seek members who share our beliefs and allies with whom we will make our stand. :~:

 :~Learn more about us by checking out our forums (Jedi Archives). Click here to submit your request for forum access. Questions can be sent to Master_Vaelor. :~:


Join us on the HK-47 Beta Server!!

Master_Vaelor, Oct 14, 11 6:44 PM.
Reprisal now has representation on the HK-47 Beta Server! Join us in the fight against the Sith Empire and help drive them back to the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

Feel free to reach out to 'Vaelor' on the HK-47 Beta Server for more information on Reprisal or to run an instance or two. We look forward to hearing from you.


Reprisal in a Holding Pattern

Master_Vaelor, Aug 10, 10 1:30 PM.
The guild is currently in a holding pattern until beta testing becomes more widespread and interactions between characters can take place in game. As the year progresses I plan on developing story-lines and a greater amount of content for the guild.. until then check back on occasion and feel free to leave a message!! Thank you for your patience.



Master_Vaelor, Mar 30, 10 8:49 PM.
There will be some sweeping changes to the guild over the next few weeks to better align the guild's desires for game play. We will be ultimately be focusing on beta testing as soon as it comes available.


Still recruiting!

Master_Vaelor, Mar 1, 10 1:31 PM.
Just wanted to let everyone know that Reprisal is still looking for likeminded, enthusiastic Star Wars fans who want an active role in growing and developing our community. I've personally been very busy with job searching as of late so I haven't been able to devote quite as much time to the guild as I would like. Feel free to register for the forums, even if you aren't sure that you wish to become a member, and say 'Hi!'.

"May the Force be with you all"

~Torin Vaelor

Reprisal is Expanding into the World of Warcraft

Master_Vaelor, Feb 19, 10 9:05 AM.
Reprisal is expanding our horizons and taking our efforts back to an old nemesis, Azeroth, while we bide our time. Feel free to join us on the Horde faction in the World of Warcraft, on the RP-PvP server Ravenholdt for good times, camaraderie and the sharing of triumphs. The guild values that apply in SW:TOR will still apply, just as they always do, but the application process will of course have to be adapted.

As it appears that the guild name 'Reprisal' has been taken by another, we will be looking for appropriate alternatives that accurately reflect what the guild is and stands for. If you want more information or would just like to run a few instances feel free to in-game message Ragnarøk. (The ø is created by hold the alt key and pressing '0-2-4-8' in sequence on the number pad).

We are excited about this opportunity to spread the word about our guild and to play a new and expanded role in the gaming community.

~Torin Vaelor
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"Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering."

- Jedi Master Yoda
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